What Is Diaper Need Awareness Week?

Unless you wear or routinely change one, you probably do not spend much time thinking about diapers. Yet, for infants and toddlers, as well as for people with medical conditions that cause incontinence, diapers are a basic necessity for happiness, cleanliness and dignity.  One diaper may seem like a small thing, but not having enough
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Former CEOs Speak Candidly about Corporate Citizenship

By Melissa Trumpower If CEOs of companies were asked if their companies should do good, all of them would say yes. “The issue is not whether or not they want to do good. It’s an issue of priority,” said Carly Fiorina, speaking at the CECP’s 2014 Summit held in New York City last week. Most
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Good360 Presents Disaster Recovery360 at National Disaster Relief Conference

By Melissa Trumpower Good360 headed to Indianapolis last week to present its Disaster Recovery360 strategy to disaster specialists from across the country. Although we’ve been helping with disasters for more than 30 years, we spent the last two years planning how to scale and improve those efforts. The result is a technology platform we are
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Celebrate 360 Degrees of Good in 24 Hours with Omaha Gives!

Join Good360 on Wednesday, May 21st as we participate in 24 hours of giving with Omaha Gives! Organized by the Omaha Community Foundation, Omaha Gives! is a charitable day of action that brings together 570 area nonprofits for a day of fun and fundraising! Nonprofits spend the day asking their communities to give financial contributions
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Employee Engagement that Works: HP and Good360 Product Giving Program

By Tara Laskowski After a beloved teacher at a local school district passed away, nearly 100 Hewlett Packard employees pooled their money together and donated nearly $40,000 worth of computer equipment to the school in the teacher’s name. They were able to do this through an innovative program that their company implemented to drive social
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The Recycle Cycle: National Distribution Center Turns Throwaways into Treasure

By Tara Laskowski It’s a warehouse. It’s supposed to have a lot of boxes and cardboard—shipping items that might get tossed away after the products have been unpacked and sorted. But Good360 employees at the National Distribution Center in Omaha have found unique ways to make sure that materials that are costly to buy or
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Happy Volunteer Week–We Couldn’t Do It without You!

By Jan McKenzie Service is the rent we pay for living. –Marion Wright Edelman With one in four Americans participating, volunteering can be considered a national pastime.  Each day, thousands of Americans carry out this practice without thought or requirement by going to homeless shelters, hospitals, churches, schools, museums and other institutions to provide service.
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With a Little ‘Chance’ and a Little ‘Lucky,’ an Impact Is Made

By Tara Laskowski In addition to the actual animals that get adopted or cared for through PetSmart stores each year, thousands of soft, furry huggable plush dogs and cats were recently gifted to children in need across the country thanks to a unique partnership with Good360. Chance, a loveable tan dog with long floppy ears,
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3M Employee Engagement Program Touches Local Nonprofits across the Country

By Tara Laskowski With more than 80,000 employees around the world, 3M’s culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3Mgives’ mission is to improve every life through innovative giving in education, community and the environment. In 2009, with the help of Good360, 3M developed the 3M Supplies4Nonprofit
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